Organisations who have participated in, contributed to, or supported the development, evaluation or deployment of Sensabues’ EB technology.


Drugs of Abuse:

Therapeutic Drugs:

  • University of Liverpool, Institute of Translational Medicine, Liverpool Bioanalytical Facility, UK.
  • Ghent University Hospital, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Belgium.
  • Jena University Hospital, Department of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, Germany.

Biomarkers and Metabolomics:

  • UCSD, USA.
  • ABF Labs, Germany.
  • CB Med, Center for Biomarker Research in Medicine, Austria.   
  • CEA Grenoble, Nanosafety Platform, Medical Biology Laboratory, France.
  • Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden.
  • University of Colorado, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Jinan University, Institute of Atmospheric Environmental Safety and Pollution Control, China.