Sensabues collector

Sensabues AB is a healthtech company supplying a novel device and method to detect non-volatile substances in blood and the lungs by collecting an exhaled breath biological sample for lab-based analysis.

This method detects a wide range of exogenous compounds, such as:

  • performance enhancing drugs (e.g. stimulants and anabolic agents) in sports.
  • drugs of abuse (e.g. cannabinoids and narcotics).
  • therapeutic drugs (e.g. antibiotics and glucocorticoids).

A wide range of endogenous substances, associated with the study of metabolomics and determination of biomarkers, can be detected also. 

In studies this method is able to detect infectious diseases such as COVID-19 by collecting RNA of the virus  SARS-CoV-2 in the breath of COVID-19 patients

Using the existing installed base of laboratory instrumentation being utilized for other matrices, together with established and validated analytical procedures, this exhaled breath-based biomatrix platform called ExaBreath® (EB), is transforming drug detection, health monitoring and medical diagnostics for:

EB achieves this by:

  • lowering the overall cost of sample collection
  • reducing sample collection time and complexity
  • improving the accuracy and correlation of testing
  • detecting parent/intact drugs as well as their metabolites
  • making sample collection more convenient and less intrusive
  • increasing the acceptability and frequency of sample collection
  • affording more protection for a donor’s right-to-privacy
  • enabling new types of collection procedures 

EB has detected over 80 substances across these categories:

Cannabinoids Stimulants Opioids Steroids
Narcotics Antibiotics Aromatase Inhibitors Free Fatty Acids
 Anti-Convulsants Glucocorticoids Metabolic Modulators Decongestants
Pain Killers Anti-Inflammatory Diuretics Cannabis/THC
Hallucinogens Sedatives Beta Blockers SARM
Anti-Depressants Analgesics Suppressants NPS
Nicotine Biomarkers NSAID Anti-Cancer SARS-CoV-2