Euroanalysis 2017 (Stockholm, Sweden):

Conference – Dr. Mario Thevis. Expanding analytical options in sports drug testing.


HPLC International Symposium 2017 (Prague, Czech Republic):

Symposium – Dr. Mario Thevis (keynote speaker). Testing non-approved substances using alternative matrices and liquid chromatography / high- and low-resolution tandem mass spectrometry in doping controls.


ASMS Annual Conference 2017 (Indianapolis, USA):

Conference – Dr. Mario Thevis. Testing Anabolic Agents from Exhaled Breath for Doping Control Purposes Using Liquid Chromatography / High- and Low-resolution Tandem Mass Spectrometry. 


PCC 2017 Conference on Anti-Doping Science (NYC, USA):

Conference – Dr. Mario Thevis, head of the Centre for Preventative Doping Research at the German Sports University Cologne, presented the results of his research on Sensabues’ EB technology at the Partnership for Clean Competition’s 2017 Conference on Anti-Doping Science (11-12 April, MLB HQ, New York City). Dr. Thevis’ session will showcase how breath testing could work in an anti-doping setting as a rapid, non-invasive and inexpensive alternative to current methods for collection and analysis of athletes’ doping control samples. This study was funded by a grant from the Partnership for Clean Competition. Professor Thevis is a forensic chemist and a member of the Prohibited List Expert Group for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).


German radio podcast (Deutschlandfunk):

Text and Audio – New Method for Doping Detection.


The Analytical Scientist:

Webinar – Exhaled Breath Analysis Becomes Easier for more Reliable Drugs of Abuse Testing.


Swedish TV news item:

Video – Drug testing in a Swedish high security prison (with English subtitles).


BBC World Service radio podcast:

Audio – The Forum ‘Winner or Cheat? Doping in Sport’.