Sensabues AB is a healthtech company providing drug detection and health monitoring technology. It was spun-out of the Karolinska Institute in 2010 to commercialise the discovery of a new exhaled breath sampling biomatrix for non-volatiles, referred to as EB. This is a lab-based chromatographic-mass spectrometric method for analytical chemistry or a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique in the case of medical or biological analysis .

Sensabues has developed EB into a complete solution and a flexible platform that offers a non-invasive biological sample collection procedure, together with a specimen preparation and testing method, that detects indirectly the presence of many non-volatile exogenous substances in blood, by capturing bioaerosol particles released via exhaled breath.

Collector ready to send to the lab

Specimen sampler ready to send to the lab

EB is a validated analytical testing methodology with over 20,000 drug tests performed in Scandinavia using this technique. To date, over 80 substances and metabolites have been detected with more being added from multiple ongoing collaborative research projects and evaluation studies.

There is a wealth of data available to support scientific validation derived from extensive lab studies and field trials. See the downloadable list of published technical papers relating to EB on this website’s ‘RESOURCES’ page or click here.

EB is in daily use for workplace drug testing (WPDT) at large industrial corporations in Scandinavia. EB has been applied on-site in high schools, criminal justice settings, substance abuse clinics and hospital A&E Departments. It is also used in a wide range of research projects and is being evaluated for therapeutic/prescription drug monitoring in disease and pain management, as well as medication adherence monitoring applications to optimize drug therapies. EB is being used in metabolomics studies and for biomarker determination, for development of therapies or personalized treatments.

The low cost, ease of use and non-invasive nature of this method are beneficial for telemedicine and remote care applications, as well as clinical research organizations (CRO) undertaking drug kinetics studies, particularly in resource poor locations, and for medication adherence monitoring, especially of children.

There are very few established biomatrices that are readily accessible for collection and pharmacologically useful for drug testing. The primary ones can easily be counted on one hand. So, for Sensabues to offer a new matrix, together with the supporting methodology, providing such clearly delineated and sustainable competitive advantages, that are applicable immediately to a wide range of existing and new applications, is of significant interest as a useful alternative and complementary biomatrix.

Sensabues is following a business development approach based upon collaborative partnerships, using the highly differentiated technology behind the core IP to enhance the potential of existing commercial opportunities, as well as providing innovative solutions to enable new applications within established as well as emerging markets.