Sensabues collectorSensabues AB offers a new format biomatrix based upon a non-intrusive specimen sampling technique. This is a recently discovered, novel and proprietary procedure for the indirect collection, detection and identification of non-volatile substances in blood using exhaled breath.

This technique detects exogenous substances, such as performance enhancing substances (e.g. stimulants) in sports, drugs of abuse (e.g. narcotics) and therapeutic drugs (e.g. antibiotics). Also, a wide range of endogenous substances associated with the study of metabolomics and determination of biomarkers can be detected.

Using the existing installed base of laboratory instrumentation together with established and validated analytical procedures, this exhaled breath-based biomatrix platform, ExaBreath® (EB), is transforming drug detection, health monitoring and medical diagnostics for:

  • anti-doping/performance enhancing drugs control in sports
  • drug prevention programs in sports
  • drugs of abuse testing
  • therapeutic drug monitoring
  • biomarker detection
  • metabolomics analysis

EB is achieving this by:

  • lowering the overall cost of sample collection
  • reducing sample collection time and complexity
  • improving the accuracy and correlation of testing
  • detecting parent/intact drugs as well as their metabolites
  • making sample collection more convenient and less intrusive
  • increasing the acceptability and frequency of sample collection
  • affording more protection for a donor’s right-to-privacy
  • enabling new types of collection procedures